A Grade Flooring is a proud supplier of diverse groups of beautiful floating floors

Laminate, Vinyl and Engineered floors


Over the last 20 years floating flooring has become an increasingly popular choice as a preferred substrate in the domestic and commercial areas. It had originated in the late 70’s as a smart alternative to hardwood floors which require high budget when it comes to installation and maintenance. Floating flooring offers any type of look desired with pre-finished coating that will last and look great for many years. It is also increasingly popular as it is quick and easy to install avoiding (in most cases) the use of adhesives and nails.


A Grade Flooring offers extensive range in 12 mm Laminated flooring. Our range has been designed to fit different needs, budgets and looks to suit everyone. Some of the styles we stock include Modern Colours Hand Scraped, Embossed, High Definition and Standard. Our Laminate ranges come in different lengths and widths of the boards and surface finish.


We also have a vast number of colours and styles in our vinyl range. An excellent choice for wet and moist areas, vinyl floors have grown in popularity in the last couple of years. New range and styles display a warm and modern look that resembles natural substrates.


Engineered Flooring is another fantastic and outmost durable floor covering A Grade Flooring offers. Our two Oak ranges are an attractive choice for architects and interior designers as they represent the true beauty of European Oak timber in more ways than once through beauty, strength and durability of true Oak timber – 15mm Oak range and Prestige Oak.